Photo credit: Wilhelm Scholz

Some Notes About The Work

The ground is laid - a river of color over which a brush is swiftly drawn, trailing linear flares. Thus a suggestive plane is established in which is revealed structures as indeterminate as the evening light dancing across deep water. This is the nebulous space I engage - where surface light and infinity interplay.

I work quickly with the brush and without hesitation - spontaneously reacting imaginatively and critically to the possibilities that instantly appear before me. The imaginative and critical states in the making of my work are inseparable - they are a constant dialectic - the dream dissolves and the intellect fixes.

I consider this process as autonomic - in that I regard the marks I make as possessing dynamic codes which are eventually revealed as a structure that may continue infinitely. This is the point of arrival at which the painting works for me - not when it is finished - but when the motion is continuous within itself. It can all be reduced to signature. Perhaps my fascination with this area began in childhood - watching my father sign documents - his pen darting across the paper in a flourish of concentrated energy. Small observations can become profoundly significant in retrospect.

The paintings are overtly abstract - but I do not regard them as such. They are a fruition of my ruminations about existence. I believe I am expressing in the work a quantity that is shared by all and which flows through everything. Every creature instinctively knows this and humans recognize its signature when they creatively externalize it. I am interested in the duality and contradiction of this quantity - the tension between chaos and structure, of progression and regression - a biological shape-shifting and persistence of similarity that resonates throughout existence.

My work is not consciously aligned with any specific historical or contemporary movement. It may have as much affinity to Surrealism as it does to Abstract Art - particularly because I seek to maintain an auto-suggestive field throughout the creation of the work. Applied in my work it is an optical and psychological device that provides a vehicle for the mind to explore its own journeys - one that never arrives at any fixed point. It is my conceit that the more time is spent with these paintings the more apparent and vibrant are the overlays of suggested forms within them. Revisit the same painting and the aspect will have changed again.

October, 2007

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